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IT Support Services


We Fix It All determines to meet the various needs facing organizations today; the lack of precise and dependable ICT solutions, desires to make a difference through the implementation of simple, ethical and cost effective solutions.

General Systems support and maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance- antivirus installations and removal of viruses, implementation of security firewalls, updates and configurations, spyware and adware removal and blocking

  • Computer general maintenance, i.e, repairing corrupt operating systems and utilities, installing security patches and updates.

  • Password implementation and recovery

  • Hardware systems upgrading and maintenance

• Dust blowing in and outside each piece of equipment, where possible cleaning with chemicals.

LAN/WAN Installation and Maintenance

  • We design, install, configure various network topologies, and also do among others the following to ensure optimum data transfer rates across your network

  • We test Gateway connectivity issues

  • VSAT signal and LNB orientation probe

  • Bandwidth tests and monitoring

  • We configure, resolve any email system functionality

• We implement various network firewalls.

Systems Audit

  • Systems and data security controls in place.

  • Available physical and logical LAN/WAN topology, i.e., diagrammatical lay out of the LAN, the configured protocols and IPs, the segmentation of the network etc.

  • A comprehensive user log per equipment, the use times and contention ratio of the network and applications etc.

  • A comprehensive report that gives information of each piece of ICT equipment available, applications running and equipment specifications.


We install cabled as well as wireless networks (WAN & LAN), and we implement various networking technologies;


  • Point to point networks

  • Configure different types of networking equipment including radio equipment etc.

  • We configure and implement various network server operating systems to suit your computing environment, whether small scale or enterprise.

Data BackUp & recovery

We provide cost effective and reliable solutions for data backup or recovery of your lost data due to accidental erase, clean format.

Printer service and repairs:

  • We repair and service printers, scanners, Ups and copiers.


We provide training in many areas of ICT usually specified by the client:

  • Microsoft office applications(Ms word, Excel, power point etc)

  • Internet/email usage

  • E-cormmerce as a marketing tool and information resource

  • Accounting packages, sage, quick books etc

  • Human resources management systems

  • Database systems

  • Website management etc

Systems Management

Communication systems management:-

  • We develop communications systems such as sms feedback systems etc.

  • Web- based databases, mobile application development etc

Custom Solution:-

  • Clients retain the requisite option to specify their tailored needs that are either documented or can be researched to advanced their corporate identity.


  • Our team comprises of experienced and refined skills in various areas that includes help desk user support, systems development, systems support and software as well as hardware support. We are a team with hands on experience that dates to many years. We possess cores skills tested and certified by Microsoft, CISCO, Linux, COMPTIA, among others.

Client Base

We have provided and keeping supporting many organizations through contracts and on the spot call outs. For details of our customer base, prospective customers are free to call us for verifiable names. We look forward to your support in every area you wish to engage us.

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